Dream of playing a guitar? Try These Tips

If you dream something, you have the potential to achieve it. Your first challenge is in focusing your potential by focusing your dreams.

One easy way to focus your dreams is to get results. Playing guitar doesn’t have to be complicated, it can be easy as long as you learn step-by-step in a systematic way.

Your first step would be to get a guitar. I suggest and inexpensive acoustic guitar. Most of the techniques are the same for an acoustic guitar and electric guitar.

You can save money with a beginner acoustic guitar because you don’t have to get additional equipment and you can get started right away and get results faster.

The next step is to find songs you like. These are easy songs to play on guitar. The fewer the chords the better.

Another way, which is more common is to get started is to first learn easy guitar chords and then learn the songs that use those chords.

One note of caution, pay attention to how your finger tips feel. It is easy in the beginning to push hard and rub off some of the skin which is somewhat uncomfortable. With practice your skin toughens. However, if your finger tips hurt and you continue to play, chances are that you alter your form and use the areas of your finger that are not hurting but will hurt your form and progress later.

I have had instructors that loved music theory, they wanted me to learn guitar parts and so on. You may or may not need these in the future. In the beginning focus on learning to play.

Other than learning the technique which in the beginning shoud include easy acoustic guitar chords the only other piece of equipment or software I recommend is a metronome. Music is about rhythm. Rhythm feels good. Metronome help you learn the rhythm and practice it until you feel it in your bone.